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About Us

Many long nights of chatting over chai lead to what is now Joon & Jigar – your one stop site for fun and trendy Iranian-American/ Middle Eastern apparel, accessories and gift items.


Joon in Farsi means “soul/life” and jigar literally means “liver.” But, both are more commonly used as terms of endearment. They are words of affection, love and friendship. That is exactly what our small business strives to spread more of.


We’re two women, raised like sisters, and we share a strong passion for our Persian roots and creative minds. Our goal is to increase the representation of our Iranian culture in new and unique ways!

The apparel we wear, the gifts we give, and the accessories we use… they all tell a story. They have meaning. Our items are personally selected, designed and customized to express a facet of what it means to be bold, empowered, and Middle Eastern. 


We’re still growing, and we invite you to join our journey as we show people a different side to our Iranian-American community. This is just the beginning, and your support of our small business means the world to us. Khosh omadin, and please don’t forget to share our page with your friends and family!




Joon & Jigar 

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